Land & Cow IV – The Green Miracle

August 8, 2012

In the last article we saw the utility of cow dung in various fields like farming, energy generation, construction etc. If you are still not impressed with this green miracle, how about knowing that cow dung can be used to make medicines?

The anti-bacterial properties of cow dung have been highlighted last time, where its use as a disinfectant has been mentioned. And the use of dung is not restricted to just plastering floors and walls. Cow dung is popularly used as a body pack to detoxify the body. The ancient Indian medical science known as the Ayurveda, explains the medicinal properties of the dung and urine of the cow.

Before the advent of toothpastes and soaps, cow dung was popularly used in various forms to meet these requirements. The ash produced from cow dung was used to clean the teeth and is also known to strengthen the gums. Powdered dry cow dung was used to treat many skin diseases. Cow urine also has some amazing utility. Cow urine finds its use in many therapeutic applications. According to Ayurveda, cow urine has the property to detoxify and restores balance in the vital elements of the body. Proponents of cow urine therapy even claim to treat some types of cancer using this magical liquid.

At Govardhan Eco Village, this traditional science of cow products manufacture is being patronized in a major way. The “Govardhan Goutpadan” is a cottage industry setup to research upon the benefits of cow therapy and manufacture various medicinal products from cow urine and dung, as per the ancient texts of India. Today we manufacture 13 products and market them in various cities all over India. The product line not only includes soaps and tooth-powders, but shampoos, pain balms, incense sticks, health pills etc.

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Apart from the medicinal benefits, this cottage industry forms a wonderful model for rural development. Utilizing these so called “waste” products, a good amount of revenue can be generated by manufacture and sale of the cow products. Requiring little or no investment, even a simple farmer, owning a cow, can manufacture these products. Thus he can save a great deal of his expenditure in various toiletries and medicines. And the added revenue generated from the sale of the excess products can supplement the maintenance of the cow. With growing popularity for Ayurveda, the cow-therapy is gaining acceptance in India and an economic model like this will prove to be profitable.

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